Python3 Package Generator

(2021-05-17, randomchars42)

... happened again. Just a few lines of code to solve a small problem. Turns into something a little more work intensive than expected and deserves a more formal structure. So how was that python package structured again?

So as a side project and to offload this information into some file the Python Package Generator came into existence.

It's a small, stupidly simple bash script.

It does:

The structure will look like this:

|- src/
|  |- __init__.py
|  |- package_name.py
|  |- log/
|     |- __init__py
|     |- log.py
|- venv/ (not included in git)
|  |- ....
|- LICENSE (THE UNLICENSE - change to your liking)
|- pyproject.toml
|- README.md
|- run.sh
|- setup.cfg
|- setup.py
|- .gitignore

Visit the project on GitHub: https://github.com/randomchars42/python3-package-generator